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Broadband FAQs

01. What is ADSL/broadband? 02. How does it work? 03. How fast is broadband? 04. What are the benefits of broadband? 05. Why choose ClubTelco Broadband? 06. What is ADSL2+ Broadband? 07. Can I get a static IP with my ADSL service? 08. Is the ADSL2+ upload speed determined by distance? Where is the max upload speed advertised accessible? 09. What does ClubTelco ADSL2+ super speed broadband offer? 10. When is a broadband connection shaped (slowed)? 11. Do I need any special equipment to get ADSL2+ speeds? 12. Will I need to reconfigure my modem/router for ADSL2+? 13. Do I need an ADSL2+ compatible modem or router to use the ClubTelco ADSL2+ super speed broadband service? 14. How can I check if I can get the ADSL2+ service? 15. If I am a exisiting ClubTelco customer how do I upgrade to an ADSL2+ plan? 16. What does it cost for an existing customer to upgrade to an ADSL2+ super speed broadband plan? 17. How long does it take to have my ADSL upgrade to the ADSl2+ service? 18. Can I transfer my current ADSL broadband service from another internet provider to ClubTelco ADS2+? 19. Can I transfer my cable internet connection from Optus to ClubTelco ADSL2+? 20. Does the new broadband service affect my alarm system at home? 21. Does ClubTelco support a downgrade back to a ADSL1 plan? 22. What network is used by ClubTelco broadband? 23. Am I able to get ClubTelco broadband in my area? 24. Why am I unable to get ClubTelco broadband in my area? 25. What if my phone service is with another carrier? 26. If I have ISDN, am I able to get ClubTelco broadband 27. What do I need to get Broadband? 28. How do I apply for ClubTelco Broadband? 29. Is there a cooling-off period? 30. Can i change my ClubTelco broadband plan? 31. How long will it take to process my ClubTelco Broadband Applicaiton? 32. Are there any surcharges? 33. What are the minimum system requirements? 34. What type of modem do I need? 35. What are the Modem configurations? 36. What are the ClubTelco broadband setup costs? 37. Will I need any additional hardware? 38. What is a line filter? 39. What is a central filter/splitter? 40. Do I need a filter / splitter? 41. Can I 'Self Install' the ClubTelco broadband service? 42. What type of IP address will I get with my ClubTelco broadband service? 43. How many email addresses do I get? 44. Am I able to change my ClubTelco Broadband username? 45. Is there an Acceptable Use Policy? 46. Who do I contact if I need support 47. How can I help prevent unauthorised access of my ClubTelco broadband service? 48. How do I protect my computer from unathorised access? 49. How do I protect MyAccount from unauthorised use? 50. Why should I install anti-virus protection? 51. How can I be careful with my incoming e-mails? 52. Why should I update my software? 53. What sites can cause high usage? 54. What precautions should I take while connected to the internet? 55. How will my ClubTelco broadband service be charged? 56. What are the ClubTelco broadband payment options? 57. How does direct debit work? 58. How do I stay in control of my bills?

Can't find the answer to your question? Contact us by one of the methods below.

Customer Service

13 TELCO (13 83 52)
+61 3 9224 8000
10am to 7pm AEST - Monday to Friday

Technical Support

13 TELCO (13 83 52)
9am to 9pm AEST - Monday to Friday
9am to 8pm AEST - Saturday to Sunday

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