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Support - ADSL Settings

The following settings are required for a successful connection to ClubTelco broadband internet. If you are using a NON ClubTelco supplied modem, please refer to your device manual for correct setup. All ClubTelco broadband customers can also use dial up internet when the service is unavailable or if away from home. Simply ensure your Broadband Modem/Router is turned off at home when trying to connect with dial up internet to get uninterrupted service. Use your existing broadband user log in details to get connected on our National Dialup access number.

ADSL Modem Interface Settings
Encapsulation: PPPoA or PPPoE
IP address: Automatically assigned by ClubTelco
DNS address: Automatically assigned by ClubTelco
Encapsulation: PPPoA or PPPoE
Enter username as:
Enter password as: Password created at time of sign up
MTU: 1460
Multiplexing method: VC-Based, VPI=8, VCI=35
PPP Connection Settings: Always on

Please note: ClubTelco does not support the wireless connection or setup of your Modem/Router even if you purchased the device through ClubTelco. Please contact your hardware manufacture for help or support.

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