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Bill Media & Format

ClubTelco customers can receive their monthly invoices in any of the following formats:

  • Email
  • Online (via MyAccount)
  • Post

Below is a sample ClubTelco invoice which is designed to help you understand your bill and outlines the various elements of your monthly charges.

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ClubTelco invoice sample page 01 Here you will find the range of payment options that are available to ClubTelco customer, plus the codes you need to use them.<br /><br />
ClubTelco offer a range of payment options all with no additional fees or charges including Direct Debit, BPAY, Online, Phone, Post or at Australia Post.From time to time we use this space to alert you to important information or to keep you updated on our latest offers and promotions.This is a summary of your Account.<br /><br />
It includes the previous balance (if there is any), any account payments, miscellaneous charges or credits, any new charges for this invoice and the Total Amount Owing on the account.This section shows the total amount due ($137.01) and the due date (17/08/202012) of this invoice. This is your ClubTelco billing period.This is the date the invoice was generated and sent to you.This is your customer number. This number should be used as a reference when making enquiries about your account and to login to MyAccount - our online account management portal.This is ClubTelco's ABN. This section of your invoice shows personal billing details including your name and address as listed on your account.

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