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I've been informed that my computer is infected with the DNSChanger Malware, what is this? DNS Changer is Malware (malicious software) that changes a user's DNS (Domain Name System) settings in an attempt to redirect the user to fraudulent websites, prevent you from browsing, and possibly open up further vulnerabilities on your computer to other malicious software.

What is DNS?

Domain Name System is used to convert the domain name you enter in your browser such as, to an IP address in order for your computer to display a webpage.

When you enter the site name your computer will send a request to our DNS servers, which translates the website name into the IP address your computer will use to access the webpage.

How do I know that my computer is infected?

We receive notifications from ACMA's AISI (Australian Internet Security Initiative) detailing those users that are likely to be infected; you can also check whether you are infected by visiting the Australian Government website

What can I do to remove this from my computer?

We recommend using a reputable Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware application with the most recent update to aid you in the removal of this malware.

Microsoft offers a removal tool for threats such as this which can be found here

In addition to this, you must ensure that your computer’s DNS settings are set to automatic, removing the malware from your computer will not correct your DNS settings.

Can my ADSL router be affected by this?
This is possible, it is best to ensure that your router's DNS settings are automatically assigned, if you’re unsure how to do this you can contact our Technical Support team on 13 TELCO (13 8352).

What if I have not yet removed the malware or corrected my DNS settings by July 9th 2012?

If you have not yet resolved the issue by this date you may be unable to browse the internet as the temporary DNS servers in place will be deactivated.

These DNS servers were put in place by organisations such as the United States FBI and ICA (Internet Systems Consortium) and therefore ClubTelco does not have control over these servers, however we will attempt to contact all known infected customers in an effort to assist all in removing this malware and correcting the issue.

For further information please contact the Technical Support team on 13 TELCO (13 8352), alternatively you can visit the Australian Government website

For more information please visit: 

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