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Mobile Broadband FAQs

01. What are the minimum PC Specifications? 02. What Computer Operating Systems are Supported? 03. What Browsers are Supported? 04. When will I start being charged for my service? 05. What Download Speeds Are Possible? 06. How Do I Activate My ClubTelco Mobile Broadband? 07. When Will I Receive MyAccount? 08. Where Can I Use My ClubTelco Mobile Broadband Service? 09. Can I Use My ClubTelco Mobile Broadband Broadband Service When Travelling Overseas? 10. What Happens if My BYO (non-ClubTelco) USB Mobile Broadband Modem Doesn't Work? 11. What Warranty Arrangements Apply to ClubTelco Branded Modems? 12. How Will I Know When All My Data Allowance is Consumed? 13. Does ClubTelco Mobile Broadband Include an Email Address? 14. When will my ClubTelco Mobile Broadband Service become Active? 15. What Data is Counted Towards My Included Data Allowance? 16. What Happens if I Want to Change My Plan? 17. When Will My ClubTelco Mobile Broadband USB Modem be Dispatched? 18. How Will I Know If I am Reaching the Limit of My Included Data Allowance? 19. What Happens if I Exceed My Plans Included Data Allowance? 20. What Happens to Any Unused Mobile Broadband Data Allowance?

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Customer Service

13 TELCO (13 83 52)
+61 3 9224 8000
10am to 7pm AEST - Monday to Friday

Technical Support

13 TELCO (13 83 52)
9am to 9pm AEST - Monday to Friday
9am to 8pm AEST - Saturday to Sunday
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