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01. How do I switch to ClubTelco? 02. Why should I choose ClubTelco over all other phone providers? 03. Will my phone number stay the same? 04. Can I still use my message bank service? 05. Who can I call if I have a query or complaint? 06. How long does it take to switch my phone line to ClubTelco? 07. How do I report a phone line fault? 08. Does GST apply to my phone, internet & VoIP services? 09. What is a flagfall? 10. What is a pro-rata charge? 11. Can I view my call records on the internet? 12. How often will I be billed? 13. Is there a charge for the MessageBank services? 14. Can ClubTelco arrange a new phone line connection? 15. What does it cost to dial a 13 or 1300 number from my home phone? 16. Can I pay my bill by Direct Debit? 17. How do I change my credit card details? 18. What do ClubTelco calls and charges refer to on my bill? 19. How do I change the account holder on MyAccount? 20. How can I give my permission for someone else to access MyAccount? 21. Why hasn't my payment been applied on MyAccount? 22. Why does another carrier bill me for some calls? 23. Why have I received a payment reminder? 24. What is ClubTelco's ABN number? 25. Will ClubTelco's billing coincide with the billing of Telstra and Optus? 26. Is there a cooling off period? 27. Does ClubTelco offer full service landline customers a range of value added services such as call waiting, caller ID and message service? 28. What is the process for removing the Telstra handset rental? 29. If I transfer my home phone to ClubTelco, what should I do with my telephone handset? 30. What if I have complex phone services like line hunt? Can I get ClubTelco ADSL2? 31. Will my telephone features be affected by ClubTelco broadband? 32. How do I stay in control of my bills?

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