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Troubleshooting - Call Quality

If you are experiencing poor call quality on all calls (not just to certain international destinations, mobile calls or single numbers), this could indicate a problem on your phone line or a problem with your telephone handset.

Tips For Resolving Call Quality:

1. Perform an isolation test. You can do this by removing all devices such as phones, faxes, ADSL filters, modems and Foxtel for at least 30 minutes. Then plug in a single telephone into the primary socket and test to see if dial tone has returned.

2. Check that your phone cable is plugged in correctly and is free from any damage.

3. Check that your phones wall socket is free from any damage.

4. Check that the cable connecting your phones handset to your phone is plugged in correctly and free from any damage.

5. Try a different telephone and see if the problem was with the original telephone itself.

6. If you're using a cordless phone, try changing the frequency or check that there is no interference from other devices in your house such as, microwaves, wireless routers, other cordless phones on the same frequency etc.

Tried The Above But Still Have Call Quality Issues?

If after following the above steps you are still experiencing the issue, please call ClubTelco Customer service on 13 TELCO (13 8352) and advise the Customer Service Representive that you have performed the above steps in an attempt to resolve the issue.

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